Liberals Turn their Backs on Farmers

Estevan- Ed Komarnicki, Member of Parliament for Souris-Moose Mountain, stated today, “The Liberals have turned their backs on farmers, and during 12 years in office have backed farmers into a corner with hardly any room to move. There is no doubt that farmers will do better under a Conservative government. There is also no doubt that agriculture needs to be an issue during this campaign.”

“It is my view,” said Komarnicki, “that agriculture has to become a national issue where governments take into account, in a serious way, a crisis such as that occurring on the prairies and in the agricultural economy, or farming as we know it will change forever. It seems like the bureaucrats and people in government don’t appreciate how bad it really is.”

“All the statistics show a continuous decline in commodity prices while operating costs continue to soar. You cannot continue to farm on a long term basis,” said Komarnicki, “where costs of production outstrip commodity prices. No one can operate on that basis. For any business to continue, it must have long term viability and farmers should at least be given a fighting chance to succeed.”

“The present CAIS program is a huge disappointment,” added Komarnicki. “I find it remarkable that the Liberal government believes it has addressed the farming situation when farmers across the board are experiencing significant stress and frustration. Cast injections merely for political advantage are hardly a resolution to the issues facing the industry. I was raised on a farm and acted for farmers for 31 years and I have never seen it this bad.”

“All of this has been happening under the Liberal watch as huge surpluses pile up in the national treasury and amid misspending, kickbacks and the abuses outlined by Gomery.”

“If anything can be learned from the last 12 years of Liberal governing, it is that the Liberals turn their backs on farmers. Grain producers will not overlook 12 years of being ignored. The Liberals ill-planned, insufficient band-aid solution to farming needs to go. This cannot be allowed to continue. It needs to change. It’s time to clean House and to elect a Conservative government,” said Komarnicki.


© 2005 Ed Komarnicki, MP All rights reserved.

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