Tom Mulcair’s “Dutch disease” Comment Inappropriate Says Komarnicki, Member of Parliament for Souris – Moose Mountain

Ottawa (May 11, 2012) - Member of Parliament for Souris – Moose Mountain, Ed Komarnicki, stood in the House of Commons on May 11, 2012 and criticized NDP leader Tom Mulcair for the statements he made regarding the high loonie and resource development as being a “Dutch disease”.

Komarnicki stated in the House that “The NDP Leader continues to say one thing in one part of the country that he won’t say elsewhere. Canadians are noticing and the Premiers of Saskatchewan and Alberta have called him out for criticizing responsible resource development. The NDP Leader is trying to pit Canadians against each other instead of supporting sectors of economy that create good, high-paying jobs.”

“Resource development has been one of the sectors keeping our economy going in all parts of the country. I think his comments are ill-advised, divisive, as well as dismissive of the West. It makes one think of the National Energy Program during the Trudeau years, something the West will never ever forget,” said Komarnicki.

“There is no doubt that the true colours of the NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and what his party stands for, namely higher taxes and job losses, will come out in the months to come, but, that said, his ‘Dutch disease’ comment won’t be something the people of Saskatchewan will easily forget,” concluded Komarnicki.


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