Finally the Long Gun Registry Will Be Scrapped

Estevan, SK (February 21, 2012) – “Finally,” said Komarnicki, “the long gun registry will be something we talk about in history, and not as a current irritant nor as something that sticks in the craw of farmers, duck hunters and other lawful users of long guns. There is no doubt that the Opposition would reinstate it if they had an opportunity, and their vehement opposition is evidence enough of that.”

“It’s something that was emblematic or symbolic of everything the West and constituents of Souris – Moose Mountain in particular didn’t like in the direction the previous Liberal government was taking and in the disdain they showed for ordinary hard working Canadians who obeyed the laws and followed the rules. This legislation had gone too far. It had little to do with the prevention of crime, it cost a lot, and it was an attack on the rural way of life.”

“The previous Liberal government had gone too far and it was time to reverse course. We promised we would do it and did by scrapping the long gun registry. We have been in tune with what matters to ordinary Canadians and have legislated with them in mind. If we continue to do so, we will govern for a long time.”

“I’m glad to see this symbol go,” concluded Komarnicki, “and I’m sure many constituents of Souris – Moose Mountain sitting around the kitchen table will say ‘right on’ and so this one is for them.”


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